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About Our Equine Reproductive Services

It's an exciting time when you decide to breed your horse. The process entails a bit more than you may realize, especially for breeding thoroughbreds and ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Countryside Veterinary Hospital has state-of-the-art imaging to help monitor the entire gestation and has a comprehensive understanding of health concerns to monitor your horse for. 

General Information About Equine Pregnancies

In general, a horse carries a filly or a colt for approximately 11 months. This, however, varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. Typically, a mare carries a colt longer than a filly, but once again, this varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. In most cases, a colt or filly born before 300 days of gestation isn't able to survive. 

We offer services to monitor your horse's pregnancy and intervene, if necessary, to prevent complications from occurring. In most cases, a horse pregnancy doesn't have any complications.

About Horse Pregnancy Monitoring

Around 30 days after being bred, our doctors can confirm if your horse is pregnant using an ultrasound. Sometimes, it's possible for our doctor to tell if a mare is having one or two horses at this point. We'll develop a pregnancy monitoring schedule for your mare. 

About Labor and Delivery

A female horse will usually experience one to two hours of contractions before getting ready to give birth. It ends with the sac breaking. The actual delivery process usually only takes about 30 minutes total. We can intervene at any time if complications arise. 

Whether you’re breeding a horse for profit or for pleasure, we advise anyone interested in breeding to see a veterinarian with experience in equine reproductive services. We're able to assist in every step of the process to ensure both mother and baby are healthy.

To learn more about our equine breeding services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Countryside Veterinary Hospital today at (260) 563-5058.


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